Jeremy Scott

An extremely interesting evening it was last night. Our guest speaker was indeed a breath of fresh air and didn’t he have a tale to tell.

Jeremy Scott gave us an enthralling brief on his life adventures. Being born with a hole in his heart he had a dramatic start to life. Fortunately an encounter with Sir Brian Barrat-Boyes was life changing.

Fast forward to living in London now thirty-four years later. It was at this time Jeremy felt he lacked in life’s challenges. Happening to read some articles on people doing minor bike rides to different destinations he decided on the spur of the moment that this was something for him.

With no training and no real idea of what lay ahead, he shut his flat door, climbed on his trusty bike and pedalled away into the sunset. Destination NZ. !!!

Learning very quickly about food, supplies and life’s necessities and understanding one step at a time to the next destination it was upwards and onwards.

Jeremy gave us a bright and breezy insight to some of the things encountered along the way. These were both good and bad. Jeremy made real reference to the fact that people were the highlight, and was amazed at how total strangers were prepared to offer assistance in any way they could.

Raising funds for the heart foundation as he went Jeremy covered over a period of 2 ½ years and 29 countries an incredible 51916 km. Now that is a challenge.

So if you need a challenge, try the above. For me having written this piece I need a wee sit down.

Glen Donaldson

Evening Host

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