Jami Lee Ross TPP Rotary club of Howick


Tonight our guest speaker was Jamie Lee Ross- MP for the Botany Electorate

Rob Mouncey introduced Jamie and gave us an outline of his progress from his teenage years to becoming elected to Parliament in 2013.

TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP  and its impact on NZ was the topic .12 countries are tied into the agreement at various levels NZ Australia Singapore Malaysia Brunei Vietnam, Japan Canada USA Mexico Peru and Chile.Currently, USA and Japan have yet to commit completely to the agreement.Our trading negotiators are working hard with these countries.

A full TPP agreement will have a substantial impact in increasing our $$ exports.The Benefits outway the costs substantially.It is projected that TPP will add $2.7 billion to NZ GDP by 2030!

Jamie concluded his address with an outline of his visits to the USA Republican and Democratic. An eye-opening experience such a vast difference to NZ politics

Regards to you all

Geoff T

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