The Hot Summer of 69

Well, our first “Social” night was a great success.Madeleine stepped up and kept us on our toes as the relieving Sergeant(Garry and Helen are in Bangkok)Thankyou Madeleine you do an excellent job albeit with no Sergeants session and raffles-fines next week and raffles two weeks combined
The Band “HOT SUMMER 69” entertained us for over an hour! Jim Duckworth started off the dancing and eventually persuaded lots of others onto the dance floor.All very enjoyable.
Thanks go out to the band led by John Wheat and members Paul Jenson, Stephan Clark, Linda Agnew and Steve Knowles.Apparently, they have only been together for 5 or 6 weeks so put on an excellent show for us and are keen to come back again
We were pleased to welcome Elise Markwick(President) and Richard Osborne from the Half Moon Bay Club, and Anthony Dobbs from the Business Builders Group.It was great to see Anthony showing such interest in Matthews camera and video setup.We need others to take an interest to share the responsibility of this now important function( All part of our “Social Media” activity)
It was extra nice to see so many partners along on what was a cold night which quickly become a warm, friendly and enjoyable affair

John Savory reminds you all that Bookarama is just around the corner.We need helpers to sort books on Thursday mornings from now on.If this morning doesn’t suit you, we can organize another.

Dave Wylie has organized 2 Rylarians that went to RYLA early in July to come and speak to us of their experience.We also have Club Assembly which will give the three directors an opportunity to outline their respective programs. We will also hear from Rob M, Garry D, Allan R, John S and ME
Don’t forget the host(Joseph Heays) next week has been asked to prepare copy for the Keyway and each of the Directors will also provide copy

Kind Regards
Geoff T

The Hot Summer of 69

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