Vic Crone Rotary Club of Howick

Vic Crone Address

The New Zealand Herald – “Auckland mayoral candidate Vic Crone missing from debates”  Vic chose to keep the appointment she already had to address the Rotary Club of Howick in spite of also being invited to participate in a mayoral debate on transport. Almost 40 members and guests recognised her integrity in keeping to the previous arrangement and were vitally interested in her comprehensive presentation and detailed explicit answers to a large number of questions which she invited from the floor.

Vic left no doubt that she intends to introduce significant commercial experience and acumen into the administration of the City both at the Council level and into the Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs). Her experience as the Managing Director of Xero New Zealand and senior management roles in sales and marketing at Chorus and Telecom has afforded her extensive business experience. Managing large teams, high-growth portfolios, and billion-dollar revenue streams coupled with the governance skills practiced as a Director of one of New Zealand’s largest companies has well prepared her to be the fiscally-responsible leader needed to take Auckland to the next level of world class cities.

We were left in no doubt that Vic has the passion, determination and energy to ensure Auckland becomes a world class digital city which provides infrastructure commensurate with it’s expected growth without any more unfair and unreasonable rate increases. There will be a world class integrated transport system paid for by a diverse mix of funding that takes the pressure off rate and tax payers. There will be fast tracking of housing in particular affordable housing and considerable reduction in unacceptable inefficient council spending. And there will be no adoption of the “livable wage” across the Council nor will there be employment by the Council of any past Mayors!

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