Venue : Somerville Intermediate School

Dates :  Wed 12th October 12-6pm Early Bird Afternoon $20 entry 
               Thurs 13th October to Sat 15th October 9am–6 pm  Free entry
               Sun    16th October 9am- 3pm Free entry

Collection: Please contact one of the following 3 people if you wish to donate books, puzzles, cd’s, dvd’s, lp’s.
                     Geoff Thompson 021 740 733
                     Steve Lines  022 1028 332
                     John Savory 029 774 6566
                  They will make suitable arrangements for collection

Collection Depots : We will as in previous years advertise collection depots from the 1st September
As we were unable to hold Bookarama in 2021 due to Covid we have accumulated a substantial quantity of stock already so Bookarama 2022 promises to be a Big Event.
The Quality and Quantity will be better than ever!
So watch out for all the advertising and promotional material in the next few months and make a diary note not to miss this major Rotary Club of Howick Community Fundraising Event