Tuesday was one of those special nights when we were guests of Howick Coastguard who are one of the local organisations that we support in our community. https://www.coastguard.nz/regions/northern-region/units/howick/
The day started early for me at Eastern Beach. The temperature was a brisk 6 degrees, the tide was in, the sun was rising over Waiheke Island and the sea was flat calm. The start of a beautiful day! It was so good that making a noise might break the spell. However it was a working day so I had to get on with my job. As you know while it was sunny the day remained cool and it got cooler (cold even) when the sun set. By the time we arrived at the Coastguard base at Howick Beach it was decidedly chilly.
Eighteen brave souls from our Club suitable dressed with lifejackets received a safety briefing and climbed aboard (on dry land!), the tractor backed us into the sea and we were treated to an exhilarating ride. Who knew the boat was capable of 40 knots (reassuring if we ever need their help in a hurry)? We went as far as Musick Point under a glorious full moon. The lights of Howick to Eastern Beach, the lights at MacLean's College playing fields (rugby training would have been very chilly) right across to Gulf Harbour made it special.
We had a great trip followed by social time between 25 Rotarians and guests and 20 Coastguard members where they wined and dined us. It is a great partnership between both clubs, long may it continue.