"I was privileged to be able to present the biggest single contribution from any Rotary Club from those attending SPPETS last weekend. Our clubs contribution was acknowledged by all 300 attendees at the conference attended by RI President Ian Riseley."
Dave Wylie
As President Elect of Howick Rotary Club I was privileged to spend last weekend at Waipuna Lodge for this preparation for my term as your president. There were 300 attendees from 10 south Pacific countries from Vanuatu to French Polynesia and including all New Zealand districts. It was exciting, inspiring and overwhelming at the same time. I learnt a lot, received some good ideas and will have more to share with you all as we formulate plans for our new Rotary Year.
We heard about some amazing projects and how they made a relatively small amount fund a substantial project. An example was a Rotarian nurse visiting Raratonga noticed how run down the local clinics were and decided to see what her club could do to help. A bit of lateral thinking, a $10,000 contribution from the club, help from some trusts and district and international Rotary grants turned it into a fully equipped mobile clinic in a bus that cost $100,000. My request to you is to open your eyes and minds to something that we could do either locally or internationally.