President's Message

... from Geoff Thompson
Our President Mike and Pat are currently enjoying themselves in Bali and Dave Wylie is recovering from some minor surgery so I have been asked to step up and prepare the copy for Keyway this week.
Past President Gavin was introduced by Sergeant Madeleine and he welcomed a relatively small number of members for our Club Assembly evening.
1 Minute speakers
CHARTER NIGHT 24th September. Everything is well underway. Expectation is about 60-65 attending. If you still haven’t confirmed your attendance please do so by 16th September.
BOOKARAMA Collections from depots now underway. Promotional advertising proceeding well. Sorting depot at Ray White Uxbridge Rd proving to be perfect. Your help with collecting books from depots and sorting will be appreciated from now on.
MITRE 10 fundraising night 17th September
Colin Monk outlined the purpose of tonight’s meeting. Table groups need to discuss and make recommendations on the following subjects:
1/Change of venue review   2/Mentoring new members   3/Communication  4/ New projects
Table Group (a) Colin Monk ideas - develop concept of sssociate members, New project - Howick schools Music Festival, new venue working well. Agreed Keyway weekly, more training with Clubrunner needed.
Table Group (b) Allan Riley ideas - new venue great, Keyway weekly - format needs formalising to ensure member participation, thumbnail speakers re introduce, more club visits and joint visits
Table Group (c) Garry Donoghue ideas - every visitor given an introductory folder - follow up to establish interest. New venue successful. Weekly Keyway important.
Table Group (d) Madeleine East ideas - mentor of experience to be appointed to look after new members. Use special evenings such as RYLA presentation to invite new members. Fortnightly meeting good but Keyway must be weekly.
Colin Monk thanked everyone for their constructive contributions. All the details will be passed on to the Membership Committee for their consideration and implementation.
SERGEANT'S SESSION Madeleine successfully extracted heaps of gold coins from many of us. Forgetting my 53rd wedding anniversary was a major blunder-will never happen again!!
Meat and wine raffle winners - Allan Riley and John Osborne; Have a Go Raffle winners- Jim Duckworth and John Richardson.
Gavin closed the meeting at 7.45pm.
Sep 24, 2019 6:00 PM
Come along and enjoy the Anniversary of your Club's Inauguration.
Oct 08, 2019
First night of our major fundraiser.
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Abercrombie, Mike (Michael)
Abercrombie, Pat
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Upcoming Events
Charter Night.
Howick Bowling Club
Sep 24, 2019
5:30 PM – 9:30 PM
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Member Birthdays
George Abercrombie
September 13
Mike (Michael) Abercrombie
September 15
Totara Hospice Charity Golf Tournament
To the golfers of Howick Rotary,
I presented details of the next major social occasion within our club CHARTER NIGHT our birthday.
District 9920 Newsletter
Early Bird rates are now open for District 9920 Conference 2020.
The Conference will be held 15-17 May 2020, at the fabulous Owen G Glenn Building, University of Auckland Campus.
The discounted registration rates are available only until 31st October, so be in now.
Here is a letter of welcome from District Governor Gary Langford.
To visit the Conference website click the link below, or past it into your web browser:
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