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Last Tuesday was another of those fun evenings we have with Howick Rotary with an important message. Our local coastguard performs a critical function in an area with so many recreational craft. The number of callouts by Auckland coastguards since Christmas was mind blowing. Well in excess of 1,000! Even if we are not boaties ourselves there are occasions when we are guests on a friends boat or someone special to us is on the water and it is comforting to know there are so many dedicated volunteers available to provide assistance when it is needed.
Our contribution to this partnership is the surplus funds raised through the annual fun run walk run by both organisations. Sunday 17th March is the date (yes I know it is St. Paddies Day!). This is a huge commitment from our club that requires everyone assistance. Please do everything to help John, Colin and everyone involved when you are asked to help (you will be asked!). This is a terrific community event and an opportunity for Howick Rotary to highlight our role in our community.
In case you haven’t noticed Ian Wallis has not been present at our meetings recently. Ian and Jan have relocated to “The Coromandel.” They would like to convey their thanks to you all for the hospitality and conviviality that they enjoyed at our club.
We may not be meeting as frequently as we have in the past but there is no shortage of activities and projects for you to engage yourselves with:
  • This Sunday weather permitting we are holding a family picnic at the property of Linda and Bruce Matthews at 66 Jericho Road, Pukekohe East. David Fels is your contact.
  • The following Sunday 3rd March is the Brit Euro car show at Loyd Ellsmore Park on Pakuranga Highway. There will be 1,000 cars on show. We are assisting with marshalling, providing a sausage sizzle and I need some help handing out information pamphlets about Howick Rotary
  • At the same time Howick Historical Village are holding an open day
  • Tuesday 5th March is our annual visit to Howick Historical Village where we get to have a look around and hear about what is happening. I would like to see our members more engaged in assisting at the village. It is an important part of our local heritage.
A busy time please play your part.
A thought in light of Capital Gains Tax discussions – “Never steal. The government hates competition.”
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The Brit& Euro Car Show of 3rd March
Brit&European Car Show (See flier) asking for volunteers to assist on the morning of the show
Its a great opportunity for Rotary to be seen in the community.
The 4th Brit&Euro Car Show is on Sunday 3rd of March at Lloyd Elsmore Park.
What is involved?
We act as marshals directing the exhibitors cars in through the three entrances into the park (One off Cascades Road  two off the Pakuranga Road)
From  0715 until 1000 in time to see the show - and some hands when the cars leave if possible.
We need all the hands we can muster - there are now 983 cars registered!
-        Year 1 = 440
-        Year 2 = 600
-        Year 3 = 837
-        Year 4 = 983 to date!
Can YOU assist? 
Ian Rodger  
0274 996 000
Movie Fundraiser on 11 March
I thought I would send through details of a fundraiser we are holding on Monday 11th March.  It would be neat to have you there supporting us.
Thank You from David and Jane Percival
At the meeting on 5th Feb, my last as an active member, the Club awarded me the privilege of Honorary Membership.

In thanking the Club for this and for Jane’s anthurium, I must also express my thanks for your friendship over the last eleven years or so, together with the opportunity for involvement within the Community.

Truly a happy and rewarding experience which we are both sad to leave.
Madita Pleiss - First Half Month Report (First Impressions)
After just 2 weeks here in this gorgeous little village, I can say with certainty that this will be an absolutely amazing year for me. Upon my arrival, I was welcomed with open arms by my first host family, all 6 of them showing up despite it being around 10:30pm already.
Mar 05, 2019
Our yearly visit to view this amazing complex
Mar 19, 2019
Inovative ideas on membership
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Host 5th March
Fels, David
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Nicholls, Barry
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Peterson, Alan
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Abercrombie, Mike (Michael)
Host 19th March
Fox, Ian
Reception and thanks 19th March
Monk, Colin
Attendance 19th March
Peterson, Alan
Upcoming Events
Family Picnic Day
66 Jericho road, Pukekohe East
Feb 24, 2019
11:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Brit &Euro Car Show
Mar 03, 2019
Howick historical village visit
Mar 05, 2019
5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Speaker Night
Mar 05, 2019 5:45 PM
Howick Fun Run Walk 2019
Mar 17, 2019
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
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Warwick Jessop
Many of the older members of our club will remember Warwick Jessop -a past member. He left in 2001 to go and live with his wife Christine in Tauranga.
Sadly he passed away recently.
Our condolences go to all his family on their loss.
Geoff Thompson
Watching proceedings at Howick coastguard
Docking with the trailer
This is your captain speaking – adopt the brace position!
What did he say?

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