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“If you keep doing what you have always done you will get what you always got.” - Henry Ford.
This was a quote that Ian Fox used to get us thinking about how we want our club to function in the future. It is very apt and applies to our situation right now. However Henry was quite provocative at times and perhaps another of his quotes is also appropriate for us to think about.
So our choice – a faster horse or………………?
Our membership committee is busy talking to prospective members and getting a good response. Who do you know who wants to make a positive contribution? Have you talked to them about Rotary.
The next couple of weeks are an opportunity for us to bring guests.
Next week we are visiting Timberlab an innovative company founded by a deceased member of our club and now managed by his son. They have an interesting story to tell and then most of us are off to dinner at the Star Café in Chapel Road, a very popular Chinese restaurant.
The following week our guest speaker is Guy Slocum who is going to talk to us about his time as an RAF fighter pilot. Guy is an interesting character who has business interests in Brazil and is the president of our newest club Auckland Airport.
Christmas is coming and so is your invitation to our Christmas party.
Club Survey
This week we had the opportunity to reflect on our club and how it can continue to apply “Service before self” to our local community and beyond. We have had a proud history over 58 years however the world has changed and continues to change and so must we if we are continue to make a difference.
Ian Fox did a great job leading  us through a series of questions and has collated them into this summary. Continue to think but focus not on us but on those we want to succeed us and build on our legacy. The membership committee will be giving this some thought before making recommendations to the club about our future so  share any thoughts with them.
Rotary Dine Out - Thursday 29th November
Christmas Lunch Dine Out
Join your friends for a fast cruise aboard the Pine Harbour Ferry, from Pine Harbour to Auckland Viaduct for lunch at The Conservatory Bar and Grill at 1-17 Jellicoe North Warf, which is just a short walk from Pier 3 where you alight.
Have your AT Hop card ready for your free 30 minute cruise leaving Pine Harbour at 11.30 am.
For those who do not wish to take their car to Pine Harbour there will be cars leaving the Howick Bowling Club sharp at 10.55. We return to Pine Harbour on the ferry at 3.20pm.
Please book your trip with David or Adrienne Teape either Ph: 533 6103 or preferably by email to
Those who would like their trip to start from the Howick Bowling Club please let David know in plenty of time. Passports will not be required!
WASRAG E-Newsletter - November 2018
Here you'll find the WASRAG November 2018 newsletter.
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