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Lynne and I set out for the Rotary District 9920 Conference on Tuesday 3rd. This was a couple of days before the conference commenced to give us a chance to visit Ba village where a number of Rotarians, including Charles Davidson and myself, helped to complete the construction of some homes for poor families. I was keen to see how they were after a number of years and how the villagers are managing. It makes for an interesting story and I will tell the club the history and what has occurred since when we have a suitable opportunity. We got there by using local buses which made for an interesting experience. On Thursday we were joined by Jeannette and Dave Wylie and Marie our lovely exchange student.
Our speaker this week is Nicola Ellia our outgoing exchange student last year. It is always interesting to hear all the experiences our exchange students have enjoyed, the places they have visited and the difference that year has made to them. It is always a pleasure to see what a difference this great Rotary program makes to young people's lives.
The following week (24th) our speaker is Nicolas Caillal from France who is going to talk to us about the future of car racing. This is bound to be interesting and is a "family and friends invited event" so, as normal, let David Owen know who will be attending. Bring your petrol head mates who no doubt will be objecting to the thought of electric cars on the track (someone tell them it is already happening - Formula E).
A big thanks to John Savory for organising wine tasting at Howick Club this week.
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The future of car racing - family & friends invited
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Rotary District 9920 Conference 2018 – Sofitel Hotel, Denarau,  Fiji
Rotary District 9920 held its annual conference over last weekend at the resort location of Denarau in Fiji over the weekend of 6th – 9th April. It was attended by about 130 Rotarians and guests. The Friday opening by the Indian High Commissioner to Fiji was preceded by the Rotoract conference. One of the participants was our favourite exchange student Marie who was very involved and greeted us enthusiastically when we arrived.
Knickers meet need of Suva's camp kids
The following article was published in Rotary Down Under
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