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Our speaker this week was Ashleigh Ali-Aziz who came to New Zealand  as a refugee aged 8 years old. She shared some of her experiences and those of her family both as refugees and newcomers to New Zealand. Her family are Kurds an ethnic group who live in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran where they are not fully accepted as citizens despite having been there for centuries. She has lived through more than most of us collectively have in our lifetimes. As her friend I know there was more that she did not have time to share with us. Members of her extended family have fought and died as members of the Peshmerga fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Her presentation was “Refugee to Kiwi.” She now has a Masters Degree in Marketing and is working towards a PHD although that is currently on hold. She is currently developing a business “Eyeview ” which is focused on digital marketing. She is also deeply involved in helping the community both new migrants and directly helping the homeless. She is a credit to her family and an asset to our country. If you Google Ashleigh Ali-Aziz you will see a number of videos about her work.
Ashleigh Ali-Aziz our speaker
It has been a sad time for some members of our Rotary community. Barbara Thompson’s brother died in Hamilton, and Isabel Heron, Max’s wife’s funeral was held this week. Our sympathies to both families for their bereavements.
Now some good news. This week it was my privilege to welcome Sally Fletcher as the newest member of our club. The club has had the pleasure of Sally’s company a number of times in the past when she has spoken to us about Shelterbox.
Jenny Naley has also been accepted as a member of the club and will be inducted soon.
Don’t forget Saturday is our annual tree planting at Mangemangeroa. 8:30am start. Please dress appropriately for the conditions.
Our next meeting is Changeover on 25th where I handover the role of President to Mike Abercrombie. Our thanks go to Mike for taking on the responsibility to lead us for the next 12 months and to Pat for her support. To borrow from John F. Kennedy “Ask not what Howick Rotary can do for you, ask what you can do for Howick Rotary” and you will make it a great year.
Jun 25, 2019 6:00 PM
Changeover Night for 2019 - 20.
Jul 09, 2019
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Host 11th June
Teape, David
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Reception -Social Committee 25th June
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Attendance- Social Committee 25th June
Fels, David
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Rotary Dine Out
Jul 31, 2019 12:30 PM
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June 19
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June 15
District Newsletter June 2019
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Christchurch Letter
Letter from the Rotary Club of Riccarton. Our club donated $5,000 to the "Mosque Appeal" project set up by Rotary clubs mentioned in the letter.
Sally Fletcher our latest member

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