President's Message

Our meeting last Tuesday has the potential to be a very significant occasion for Howick Rotary. 15 potential members joined us for the evening and heard from Jennie Herring PDG about Rotary projects both international and local. A number of members shared some of their favoured Rotary projects and why they matter. Feedback from our guests has been very positive and I hope to confirm a significant number of applications for membership over the next week. Grateful thanks to all involved especially to Jennie who had just returned from a busy weekend in Napier at the district conference. Don’t forget to follow up if you had a guest and ask them to join. There were a number who couldn’t be there for various reasons who have also expressed an interest so keep asking the question. A special thanks to John Savory for his commitment to resolving our technological issues.
One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of a cheque from the club to Howick Coastguard. It was appropriate that John Osborne made the presentation on behalf of us all. The surplus from the Howick Fun Run was topped up by the club to $9,000. Chris Paul who received the cheque on behalf of coastguard was so excited that he left our meeting and interrupted the management meeting at Howick Coastguard to tell them. Today I received a call from a delighted president who is only to keen to get us some help when we need heavy lifting at Bookarama.
John Osborne presenting cheque to Chris Paul from Coastguard
We are all about making a difference and I like this quote from Michelle Nicholson “Nano Girl”
“One person cannot do everything but they can do something. And if we all do something imagine how powerful that could be.”
Rotary Dine Out Opportunity
Now that we are only meeting twice a month this is a great opportunity to get together with your Rotary friends and have an enjoyable night out.
Dinner, 7.00 pm Wednesday 22nd  May at Barracuda.
Attracting younger leaders to Rotary
Membership Minute: Attracting younger leaders to Rotary
Howick Historical Village Looking for Staff
Appeal for Volunteers or Casual Employees
The community’s wonderful Historical Village museum is currently undertaking some organizational changes and as a consequence there is an urgent need for assistance to fill some temporary roles for a short period (probably 4 – 6 weeks).
A Call for Curtains
The Rotary Club of Parnell has been asked by Habitat for Humanity for assistance sourcing curtains for its Curtain Bank.
Financial and Career Smarts Seminar
Hannah McQueen and the team at enableMe have helped thousands of Kiwis get ahead and get mortgage-free fast over the past decade. They’re now on a mission to help the next generation tackle the tougher financial conditions today’s teens face, by equipping them with the financial and career smarts they need to succeed.
PDG Willard Martin, Chair D9920 Foundation Committee  challenges you to donate $100 to End Polio.
District Foundation Newsletter April 2019
Here is your District Foundation Newsletter April 2019
Geoffrey Amos Passed Away
Here is an article published in the Parkuranga Rotary Bulletin.
May 28, 2019
His experience at the Science Forum
May 28, 2019
Police Person of the Year (TBC)
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Next Meeting: Duties
Host 28th May
Owen, David
Host 11th June
Teape, David
Reception and thanks 28th May
Osborne, John
Reception and Thanks 11th June
Savory, John
Attendance 28th May
Peterson, Alan
Attendance 11th June
Peterson, Alan
Member Birthdays
Fred Holland
May 3
Geoff Thompson
May 17
David Percival
May 23
Mike Stanghan
May 28
Spouse Birthdays
Adrienne Teape
May 5
Lots of visitors
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