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After the excitement of our previous week this week with committee meetings could seem very mundane. The reality is very different because my request to all members is to consider the future of this amazing local club, not just in their committees, but over the next few days until we have our annual general meeting on 18th December. Albert Einstein was not just a great scientist he was also a wise man. One of his sayings is particularly relevant to our need to decide on the future of Howick Rotary. “Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.” Mahatma Gandhi also addressed the issue when he said “We must become the change we want to see.”
Our first decision is ”Do we change our focus from meeting to doing?” This will involve focusing more on outcomes rather than our current meeting based process. Our second decision is to commit ourselves individually to, not only accepting change, but to making it work. I can’t speak for you but I would like to leave a strong legacy to future members rather than becoming an interesting part of the history of service to Howick.
In the mean time lets all enjoy the fellowship and occasion of our annual Christmas party on Tuesday. The “Floral Mafia “ will be decorating our tables as usual this year and their arrangements will be for sale at $30 each.
See you then.
Christmas Ham
Please get in touch with Gavin and let him know what you want (refer pdf or Excel spreadsheet).
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Rotary International Convention
Attendance at a Rotary International Convention is an inspiring and uplifting experience. A number of club members attended the convention in Salt Lake City and came back buzzing.
The dates are 1st – 5th June and the location is Hamburg, Germany.
If you are planning travel at that time this is a great option to include in your trip.
Dec 09, 2018
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Dec 11, 2018
Celebrating Christmas
Dec 18, 2018
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Host 11th December
Fels, David
Host 18th December
Wylie, Dave
Invocation 11th December
Teape, David
Invocation 18th December
Pascoe, Malcolm
Reception 11th December
Savory, John
Reception 18th December
Kearney, Alison
Peterson, Alan
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