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Howick (Inc)

New Zealand

The 4th Brit &Euro Car Show will be held at Lloyd Elsmore Park on Sunday 3rd March.Last year was a huge success and thousands of people attended.This year it will be even bigger with close to 1000 cars and motorbikes on display and between 10000 and 15000 people attending. Ian Rodger of the Half Moon Bay Club is organising the marshalling of show cars and still needs a few volunteers.This will need you to be available from 7.30am to 10.00am.Details will be given to those able to help.The Community committee is again running a BBQ and a couple of extra helpers would be appreciated to spread the load during the day.We will again be showing the Shelter Box display and David Owen would appreciate some help. This is a great opportunity to promote the activities of our club and hopefully encourage new members so volunteers are needed in this area.We will continue to support the Howick Historical Village with fundraising and this will be done at our site adjacent to the BBQ and Shelter Box display. The newsletter sent to 51 recipients on 16th February has only resulted in a handfull of volunteers.Please give serious thought about offering just a little of your time at this major public event.It is a once a year opportunity to fly the flag of Rotary.No other event has such a large attendance in our area so our active participation needs to be given priority.Please call Mike Abercrombie or Geoff Thompson to volunteer