Posted by Peter Barron
The Rotary Club of Parnell has been asked by Habitat for Humanity for assistance sourcing curtains for its Curtain Bank.
The Curtain Bank urgently needs 2 500 curtains for 200 families living in substandard accommodation. The curtains are needed as soon as possible because most of the windows in their homes are unlined and with winter on us, they are cold and unhealthy.
Habitat for Humanity works with ADHB and WDHB, whose community health workers find often find families whose poor health is exacerbated by the cold, damp and mouldy houses they live in.  Habitat for Humanity provides work teams to undertake minor repairs and renovations (draught stopping, mould removal and repainting etc) and its Curtain Bank provides and installs curtains.
The recently enacted legislation imposing stricter standards on landlords will help improve conditions for the families renting substandard houses, but those changes will take time to take effect; builders and painters to install insulation and remove mould are already busy, and there will always be some landlords needing to be pushed to spend money on their rental houses.  In the meantime winter is on us and the families are suffering.
The Curtain Bank accepts used curtains and curtain materials, launders then recuts them to fit the clients’ windows and then installs them.  Its main store is at 8 Ormiston Rd, East Tamaki but it operates several collection vans and also collection points across Auckland (go to for details)
What the Curtain Bank wants are:
  • Curtains in reasonable condition (not dirty, mouldy or sun damaged please)
  • Curtain fabrics and lining materials
  • Volunteers time to sow and/or  install curtains
We would like your club join us help the Curtain Bank and those needy families by
  • Encouraging your members to donate unwanted curtains and curtain materials
  • Have one member collect the curtains and arrange for their collection, either by one of the curtain Banks vans or by delivering them to one of the Curtain Banks collection points
  • Encourage members who are interested and have some time available to work as a volunteer at the Curtain Bank
You might see the attached advertisement in your local newspaper over the next few months.  We would appreciate you forwarding it to your Bulletin Editor to accompany your club Bulletins as well.
If you are interested in learning more, Parnell Club member Amanda Morrison is available to visit your club. You can contact Amanda at 021 174 5928 or
on behalf of the Rotary Club of Parnell