Posted by Gary Langford
1 November – Keep the Date!
Last year many clubs and clusters participated in a fundraiser for End Polio Now (EPN) by arranging a special screening of the movie Murder on The Orient Express.
This year we are proposing to again run a District wide movie night with a popular movie which will be released on 1 November.
Twentieth Century Fox don’t want us to tell you the name of the movie just yet but there are many clews in bold below which will be a good guide on which movie will be released this year. Clubs that take advantage of this opportunity will most certainly be the champions.
This year’s movie promises to be bigger and better than ever – trust me, it will rock you!
The movie is expected to have a simultaneous release worldwide and it’s almost certain to be on 1st Novemberexcellent timing as it’s just after World Polio Day on 24th October.
We are asking clubs to earmark a time and date during the week commencing Thursday 1st November
Depending on the club’s locality, it may make sense for clubs to band together as a cluster but if you want to break free and do it on your own, that’s good too. 
If you are looking to organise a cluster event I suggest you discuss this with the Assistant Governor involved in working with your clubs to determine the best approach.
I’ll get back to you with further details soon but for now, please save the date – you really don’t want this one to bite the dust!
Please advise if your club intends to participate in the EPN movie night fundraiser and provide me and your Assistant Governor with the contact details of the appropriate person to communicate with re arrangements for the event.
 I will let you know when I have more information.
Gary Langford
District Governor Elect
District 9920