The club are delighted to have our participation and I am sure we can set up a "Savory" enclave so we can chat among ourselves as well as the other attendees and  also participate in the activities.  I suggest that each family organise lunch for their group and then we can pool it if we feel so inclined.  A picnic table and some chairs and some crockery and tools and if you have one a gazebo may be a good idea.  Remember there is a barbecue available so you can bring some meat if you wish but there will be sausages etc provided (see flyer).
Can you let me know ASAP the numbers (plus or minus one or two will be near enough) so the club can do some planning.
How to get to the venue, 66 Jericho Road, Pukekohe East?
Take State Highway 1 to Hamilton,
Take exit 471 toward Mill Rd,
Turn right onto Mill Rd,
Next turn left onto Harrisville Rd,
Turn left onto Jericho Rd.