Posted by Dave Wylie
The top priority for our club this year has been to increase membership. To date we have been able to increase our numbers but it is not enough. We have all worked hard over the years of our membership of Howick Rotary Club serving our community both locally and internationally in a myriad of ways. We have a proud legacy of 58 years of being active in Howick. We would all like that to continue but it won’t unless we individually take responsibility for finding someone to take our place and help grow our club.
Tuesday 14th May is Potential New Members evening
  • We are placing adverts in HP Times on 25th April, 2nd and 9th May to attract enquiries.
  • We want each member to bring a guest who is a potential member
  • On the evening please go out of your way to meet and engage with our visitors. Make it a welcoming environment.
  • Diversity is important. More women will enhance our club. Younger people will bring energy. Other ethnicities will bring new experiences.
Remember the buzz you got from your involvement in a particular project or rotary experience. Bring that buzz on that occasion.