Posted by Ian Fox
Members will be aware we are to hold a 'potential new members’ evening' on the 14th May. Membership is the club’s key goal for the year.
Unless we address this it is hard to see our club surviving into the future. The Membership Committee has been active and planned this evening as a key part of our strategy. Advertisements will appear in the H & P Times inviting community members along to learn more about Rotary. As members we all need to see how we can individually do our bit to bring new members into the club. We all know it is not easy. This interest evening provides a great opportunity to invite friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, business associates, etc, along to learn more about Rotary and more about our club in particular and just what support we do provide to our local community. Our membership has dropped significantly yet we still achieve a great deal.
At the meeting on the 14th we will be providing drinks and nibbles from 5.30 – 7.00pm at the Howick Club. Jennie Herring, Past DG will speak as will members of the Membership Committee. We expect also to be able to present a cheque from Fun Run proceeds to Howick Coastguard showing positively Howick Rotary in action.
Please give serious thought as to who you could invite along. It would be great to address the significant gender, age and ethnic imbalance we currently have, however all will be welcome. Ian Fox will have invitations to hand out at our next club meeting that could be used to pass on to those who may be interested in coming along. Look out also for the H&P advertisements and pass these along. 
The future of our club is in our own hands.