Guest Speakers - Kathleen Murray and Maja Ranzinger
This week we were treated to two guest speakers, Kathleen Murray and Maja Ranzinger.  The two young ladies, who are Year 13 students at Howick College, were chosen to attend the annual Rotary National Science and Technology Forum.  This was held at Auckland University from the 13th to the 27th of January this year.
The girls gave a joint presentation of their experience of the Forum.  What was evident from their presentation was how passionate and enthusiastic they are about science.  And they loved being with like-minded students who shared this passion. 
They were part of a group of 170 students from around the country who shared accommodation at the University Campus for the two week duration of the Forum.  Prior to commencement of Forum they were nervous and apprehensive but quickly made many friends, some of whom they still keep in contact.
Each day they participated in a wide variety of modules, consisting of lab experiments, field trips and industry visits.  Nights and weekends they were involved in sporting and social events and trips around the city.  Being locals they felt it was their duty to show everyone the sights and places of interest.
Their descriptions of some of the experiments they did, including photos, were fascinating and it made one wish that we could somehow be part of this worthy event.
The experience has given them confidence to further pursue their scientific interests and motivation to excel in their final school year and in their studies beyond.  It has opened their eyes to the many different scientific fields available to them.
It is obvious that Kathleen and Maja are very talented students.  We thank them for an interesting presentation and wish them every success in their academic and professional careers ahead.
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