Posted by Dave Wylie
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is our opportunity to develop and encourage the young leaders we see in our community.
Our club has supported this program for many years and has been the principal organiser on several occasions the most recent being 2016 when the entire club was involved in the organisation and running of this week long event. Have a look at the website to find out more.
Last Tuesday our guests were Alakoka Pooi and Briar Kingston. Our club was proud to sponsor them on RYLA this year and eager to hear what they had to say about their experience and how it is now influencing their lives. They were supported by Grace Cussell, Jason Hart and Said Fawzi who are past attendees at RYLA. Grace talked about what she is doing as a result of her RYLA experience including joining the Territorial Army and being actively involved in the outdoor phase of RYLA.
RYLA is for 20-28 year olds who are either in leadership positions or are showing great leadership potential. We are particularly interested in individuals in that age group for next year. The RYLA district committee will be approaching industries and companies to sell them on RYLA as a part of their development process. They will then pass the candidates on to the local club for support. If you have an association with a company you think might be interested please provide an introduction to Bill Charkow so that the committee can make an approach to the company.
Alakoka Pooi – RYLA 2019
Briar Kingston – RYLA 2019
Grace Cussell – RYLA 2017