Posted by Dave Wylie
Howick Rotary has a long and proud history of sponsoring young people who demonstrate leadership qualities on, what many of us think in one of Rotary’s greatest programs.
RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a live in, week long course away from the busy lives that young people (20 -28 years of age) experience. Yes they even give up their “devices” reluctantly in some cases and most say that was one of the best things they could have done at the end of the course. I like to describe RYLA as a test of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional strength that takes awardees to places they never thought they could go and in many cases inspires them to go on to achieve in their lives and careers.
It includes working with teams of strangers on challenging tasks, learning from inspirational speakers, and completing community service projects. If you ever get the opportunity to be involved make sure you do. RYLA is developing inspiring leaders who will ensure our future is in good hands.
Bill Charkow chaired the organising committee when our club took the lead on RYLA in 2016 and now continues his involvement as a part of the district organising committee. A big commitment to a great cause.
This year our club sponsored Briar Kingston and Alakoka Pooi. They will be our guest speakers soon and will share what it has done for them and how it might help shape their futures. RYLA always includes a celebration dinner where the 118 awardees are able to thank their sponsors, supporters and families. Jeannette and I, Dorothy and John Osborne and Jackie and Bill Charkow represented our club.