Bookarama 2019
Howick Rotary Club is pleased to advise the dates and location of Bookarama 2019. All proceeds help us to support worthy causes in our local community and further afield. Your generosity helps our community.
Tuesday        8th October 6pm 9 pm- Early bird sale
Wednesday 9th October – Sunday 13th October – General sale  9am – 6pm Sunday 3pm
Collection Points
Locations and dates to be advised
Sale location
Somerville Intermediate (further details to be advised)
Re: Bookarama 2018 - A Big Thank You!
On behalf of the Rotary Club of Howick I would like to thank you and the hundreds of others who purchased and donated books, puzzles, DVD’S etc. for our recent Bookarama Expo.
This is Bookarama’s 18th year and through your generosity we have had more books to sell and sales have exceeded expectations. The proceeds will be returned to the community by way of funding the many projects Rotary is  involved in to make your community a better place.
Projects like this require generous amounts of time and energy from our members to be a success. If you are interested to find out more about us and perhaps join our club you would be most welcome. Please contact Ian our Membership Director and he would be very pleased to hear from you. (ph. 535 8501 or 021 662 896)
Yours sincerely,
Dave Wylie
The Rotary Club of Howick