As part of the lead up to the 2020 election Simeon Brown sitting MP for Pakuranga and Christopher Luxon National Party Candidate for Botany presented to the club's dinner meeting on Tuesday
This week our speakers were Simeon Brown, National MP for Pakuranga, and Christopher Luxon, National candidate for Botany. Simeon is well known to our club as a frequent visitor and speaker having been the local MP for many of us for the past three years. He is a familiar sight at all local events. Chris is a local having spent some of his formative years in Howick. Many of us were aware of him as the previous CEO of Air New Zealand for 7-8 years when it would be true to say that the airline was flying high and making us proud. This was an opportunity for us to get to know Chris at a more personal level, listen to Chris and Simeon and their perspectives on the status of New Zealand, its politics, the challenges we face as a country, and some ideas on future directions.
COVID-19 obviously was an important topic with the focus on how we recover economically from the effects of our local lockdown and deal with the ongoing threats from outside our borders. Little did we all know how quickly that would be drawn to our attention within 24 hours! No matter what our political leanings, we are all concerned for our health and security and the ongoing financial challenges that households and businesses will have to endure.
Chris spoke of the importance of a long- term strategic plan and used Singapore as an example of how effective adherence to that plan is for that country. Infrastructure is planned and developed based on that plan not on political whim. The idea of an infrastructure commission is an excellent one provided it is protected from political interference.
The presentation was closed with a question and answer session and both Simeon and Chris stayed on to talk to individuals. Harjit, our well know Labour activist took the opportunity to have his photo taken with our guests to the amusement of all concerned.
Labour party candidates Naisi Chan & Nerissa Henry will be presenting on September 9.