This week’s speaker was Dr. Byron Kemp of Platinum Chiropractic. Byron spoke to us about the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Despite the fact he started by confessing to being “Australian” we forgave him because he is a long time resident and has taken on the task of treating some of our members.
“At Platinum Chiropractic we focus on Structural correction of the spine, in order to restore and improve body function. Maintaining healthy body structure allows us to overcome many common lifestyle stressors and injuries, as well as allowing us to perform at our best. Additional to Chiropractic Care, the practice recommends an inclusive approach to healthy living, including regular exercise; specifically, mobility and strength and conditioning. Mobility to maintain full range of motion and tissue integrity as well as some strength work, to progressively load body tissue and bone structure in order to build stability and density. Nutritionally, adequate hydration, regularly eating a balance of healthy fats, as well as keeping to clean natural foods allows the body flourish. “
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