Posted by Colin Monk

I would like to thank all of you for making the effort to get out and support what turned out to be our biggest,

and best, (I believe), Fun Run last Sunday.

The weather was great, and the atmosphere surrounding the whole event was "magic".


It is difficult to single out individuals for their contribution towards this Club Project, but you know of your own involvement in making this day a great success.

Final numbers of actual entrants, and monies collected, have yet to be collated, but suffice to say the interest in our Fun Run is growing each year. More importantly, the numbers of school children and parents participating this year far exceeded our expectations.

A special thanks must go to the organising committee under the direction of John Osborne. Despite his major health issues, John took time out to call me on Tuesday to see how everything went!

A special "thank you" goes to the Rotarian wives who assisted on Sunday, you added a bit of colour to the day.

To the Committee: John Osborne, Judy Pascoe, Shirley Curtiss, Madeleine East, Fred Holland, Colin Monk, we thank them all for the work that has been going on for months, to make this event a great success.

Once again Thank You.

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