Posted by Rob Mouncey
Iva Ropati Principal of Howick College shared his experience whilst on secondment to NZ Teachers Council to review Principal Leadership Growth and Development amongst NZ Principals.
His presentation was thought provoking and challenging. The main recommendations of the team on conclusion of the review were:  
Priority 1: Address workload: • Increased and equitable staffing provision • Ensure nationally mandated change is appropriately resourced and managed, and • Implement recommendations from the Tomorrow’s Schools Report around property.

Priority 2: Develop a formal and coherent programme for principal professional development and support. This should: • Support career development and progression from aspiring to experienced principals and beyond • Incorporate appointment criteria and include additional support for appointees who do not reach this threshold, and 9 • Provide specific and targeted support to grow leadership capability and aspiration among Maori and Pacific teachers and leaders.
Priority 3: Ensure there is tailored support for all principals by: • Develop best practice guidelines around supporting principal wellbeing • Provide Board training in understanding the challenges of the principal’s role, the importance of principal PLD for the school and the individual, and the support the principal needs to maintain their wellbeing, and • Establish the leadership advisor roles as recommended by the Tomorrow’s Schools taskforce to provide principals with customised support and critical friendship they can trust.
All in all a very interesting evening.