One of the many highlights of our club Christmas party last Tuesday was a $5,000 donation to Howick Volunteer Coastguard. John Osborne made the presentation on behalf of our club. They provide a fantastic service to our community. Without their dedication there would be a lot more grief amongst our community particularly at this time of the year. A local example of "Service before self."
 Thank you from Howick Coastguard
Please can you pass on my thanks to Howick Rotary Club for a fantastic evening last night. I really enjoyed meeting so many amazing people and being part of such an enjoyable event.I'd also personally like to thank Howick Rotary for their donation to Howick Volunteer Coastguard - I was blown away.  I feel blessed to be part of the Howick Community.
Warm regards and Happy Christmas
PS Looking forward to seeing Rotarians around Howick as long as it's not on the water in unfortunate circumstances :-)
Craig Williams
Vice President
Howick Coastguard
Hi John, thanks a heap for last night mate, great event and great to see you guys rewarding your people.I came to the conclusion some time back that we need to do as much as possible for our volunteers (hence the awards at our 60th dinner) we normally do them a bit low key at our A.G.M. However an awards dinner (not as grand as the 60th) will be our norm from now on as it was such a success.A huge thank you to you and the team for the incredible donation, Craig and I were truely blown away.
I have also emailed the members to book in 18 March, we will try to get a CG team in as well this time. ( we have plenty of fit young things)
Alan Martin
021 944 681