Posted by Dave Wylie
Well it has taken some time but we now have Club Runner up and working and this Keyway has been produced using Club Runner and the individual records of all members and friends of Howick Rotary.
The software has functions that will, in time, make it easier for us all to administer and manage our terrific club. Most clubs in District 9920 have either implemented, or are in the process of implementing the system. The software is cloud based (i.e. on the internet) and is also used by District and has links to RI as well.
Here are a few notes from the instructions:
  • All club members listed with full details
  • Educate members in basic use of the site
  • All club officers and major position holders listed on the club home page 
If your club has ClubRunner for clubs you should:
  • Use the club bulletin feature (which will also ensure email addresses are kept correct for club email messages)
  • Use the club mass email system for security and reliability
  • Use the document archive feature – never lose files again and make them available to members who need them
  • Club committees listed with members added
  • Every club webpage (main, committee, project and event pages) maintained up-to-date
  • Ensure the visibility of all pages is appropriate for the intended audience and that your club is easily contactable by the public
  • Run club events using the Event Manager
Individual contacts throughout the site are driven from the individual member record as set up and maintained at the club level by each club.
We will be progressively introducing more functions that the club decides to use over time. In the meantime logon to your profile and below the position where you are going to load your photo (head and shoulders please) you will see a series of tabs - you are in personal. To the right of it you will see Rotary, biography, commitments, settings and privacy. Have a look under each of them complete any details you wish to. If in doubt ask me what they mean.
The next priority after Keyway is our website.
I am being ably assisted in this project by Alex Garden of Netinsites, Alex is also the President of Pohutukawa Coast Rotary, his knowledge of Rotary, Club Runner and websites is invaluable and you will all get to meet him on 30th January when we show you Howick Rotary in Club Runner.