Mangemangeroa Reserve

Mangemangeroa – Looking After the Environment

Mangemangeroa is now recognised as a Premier Park and is described as an area of dramatic estuarine landscape at the edge of Howick’s urban area. Well sign posted and maintained walks run along the estuary from Sandspit Road to Hayley Lane. urban area. The Reserve contains native flora and pre-European history not easily viewed elsewhere in suburban Auckland.
Currently Howick Rotarians join planting events organised during autumn and winter involve the Friends, Forest and Bird, other Rotary Clubs, local schools, community groups, Auckland Council staff and contractors.  To date between six and seven hectares have been restored, with an estimated total of 70,000 plants. 



Back in the 1990’s when an area known as Somerville Farm came onto the property market Individuals and community groups in and beyond Howick quickly acted together in a successful campaign to persuade the then Manukau City Council to buy the land in order to make a public reserve. In 2000, with the help of Manukau Parks, the Howick Rotary Club commenced a programme of restoration planting at the southern end of the Reserve. At the same time, also helped by Manukau Parks, Forest and Bird’s South Auckland Branch started eco-sourced restoration planting in a central area. In 2002 the two groups together with the Somerville Rotary Club, joined forces as corporate foundation members of the Friends of Mangemangeroa the organization that continues to  lead the restoration of the area.