Howick Local Board Chairperson Adele White was the guest speaker at the club’s dinner meeting. 

She took the opportunity to present what she called “Local Board 101” which was an interesting and comprehensive overview of the role of the Local Board within the local government of the “Auckland Super City”. 
Adele has been involved in Howick local government for almost 20 years so she started with some history describing the transition from the Howick Borough Council days through to the formation of the Super City in 2010.
She then went on to explain the structure of the Super City with its 20 Councillors (of which Howick has 2) and the Mayor being the overall governing body along with 21 Local Boards representing local interests. In the Howick Local Board there are 3 wards Pakuranga, Howick and Botany with 3 elected members from each ward making up the Local Board. The functions of the Local Board were Non-Regulatory and included preparing a Local Board Plan and a Work Plan, Advocacy and Representation to the governing body on local matters including funding, a Civic role of bringing people together and input to the Council Controlled Organizations. She also made the point that the Local Board is not Operational, are not Experts, cannot facilitate Resource Consents and are definitely not Magicians.

On a personal note, she said her appointment as Chairperson following last years election was “lousy timing” as soon after Auckland had to prepare an “Emergency Budget” following the advent of Covid 19. This had resulted in a reduction of funding from the governing body and the deferment of many projects. As an example, the Transport funding had been reduced from a normal level of around $7M to just $0.5M.

Adele mentioned many of the local projects to improve the Local Board area including AMETI and the Eastern Busway, a Multi-Sports Centre at Lloyd Elsmore Park, Cycle and Walkways, Beach Restoration and Maintenance, the development of Barry Curtiss Park and the Botany to Airport transport link. She then went on to answer questions from the members.

All in all, an interesting and comprehensive review of the Local Board activities and functions from a longstanding Howickean who has served her community well over her many years in local government.