Glenice Yeoman a member of the club presented a brief “life story” at the last dinner meeting. 

Her life’s journey had not always been plain sailing but a wonderful relationship with her very special dad has shaped her life and who she is today.

Born in Whakatane, her mother had a stroke when Glenice was very young, and as a result was severely disabled. Care facilities were not what they are today so her mother’s care was largely undertaken by Glenice and her dad. Living with a severely disabled person and seeing the challenges that were faced daily strongly influenced Glenice’s decision to build an Air B and B which is set up to accommodate people with even the most severe disabilities.

Glenice trained as an event manager and worked in that field for a number of years but her early dream was to be an architect. While this ambition was not fulfilled, her interest and passion were a huge advantage in developing her home into her business with a beautiful outdoor area complete with pool.